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Larry Dove
Direct dial: 678-397-1456
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Kim Cantu
Direct dial: 678-672-3801
Cell: 404-936-6389

Ashley Neil
Direct dial: 678-397-1442
Cell: 404-934-0158
Mr. Dove has been in the office furniture service industry for 20 years. His background includes the design and project management within office furniture dealerships, engineering and project management within a manufacturer, and in the facility and construction management for a 3rd party facility and property management firm. His strong ability as a “solutions provider” has played the key role in the development of National Services.

Mrs. Cantu has been in the office furniture/design service industry for 13 years. Her background includes design, move management, commercial relocation, and office furniture installation project management. Her experience spans from the design field to client account management. Her strongest attribute is her attention to detail and commitment to project completion/close-out.
Ms. Neil has been in the office furniture industry for 4 years. Her background includes office furniture installation project management, move management, and commercial relocation. Her ability to see the “see the whole picture” helps to insure that the project finishes on time and with-in budget.