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One Call. One Contact. One Complete Solution.
National Workplace Services brings years of proven performance to the market supporting clients locally and nationally with a full range of facility services.
Client Testimonials:
Targeting Direct End Users, 3rd Party Facility Managers, and Dealers with projects that happen outside of their home market, we provide Facility Service Solutions (our Core services) Nationwide for Corporate America through our National Services group of service providers.
Our experienced staff of furniture project managers bring a unique skill set to the market that can be utilized on a variable cost basis.

Use us only when you need us......on a project-by-project basis.

Each project manager is client/end-user specific. This means you can count on working with the same NWS member througout the entire project duration. Most of time you can call the same project manager regardless of the project or location.
The NWS staff are the best! One call allows me to service my clients anywhere in the country.

Steve - Dealer Principle
Detroit MI